3 Easy Refreshing Vegan Recipes

As Summer comes to an end (goodbye triple digit temps for us Southern Arizonans), Fall and Winter dishes like soups, tamales, and baked veggies are well on their way. Before the cooler temperatures make their way here though (hopefully soon), I wanted to share three recipes that I love to make when I'm feeling lazy... Continue Reading →

Vegan Sonoran Hot Dog

This has been called the 'star' food of my hometown, Tucson, Arizona. Some say the Sonoran Hot Dog or 'the Mexican Hot Dog' was born in Hermosillo, Mexico, some say it really started here, in Tucson. One thing is for sure, it is the work of Mexicans who transformed an American classic (the rather boring... Continue Reading →

Mexican Vegan Shrimp Cocktail

This was one of my favorite foods growing up. My mom would always make shrimp cocktail during the summer and it was always so refreshing with the loads of pepino (cucumber) she would put in it. But, as much as I loved eating it, I did not love helping her clean the shrimp while she... Continue Reading →

The main claim of this book is that the outcomes for different social and health problems such as drug abuse, mental health, imprisonment, teen pregnancies, violence, trust and community life are much more worse in unequal societies, regardless if it is a rich or poor. This book was impossible to put down because it pieced... Continue Reading →

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