Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health, and Society

As a Mexican Vegan, it can be hard finding representation of my culture or even finding other people of color in the vegan community. It’s hard to relate to other people’s stories and their experiences throughout their vegan journey due to this lack of representation… but this book changed that for me. Sistah Vegan is a collection of short essays, poems, narratives, and reflections from a diverse group of women who identify as black and are working to de-colonize their bodies and reclaim their health through a vegan diet/lifestyle. Women of color do not need to be victims of diabetes, high-blood pressure, and other illnesses — these stories help illustrate that there are healthier alternatives.  This book is not about preaching a vegan diet but rather how veganism can give way to dismantling other systemic problems such as environmental racism, ecological destruction, and other social/environmental justice issues.

You can view the first few pages here

Dr. A. Breeze Harper’s work focuses on how systems of oppression function within the U.S. through a critical food studies lens, I highly suggest checking out here blog

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