Weighing In: Obesity, Food Justice, and the Limits to Capitalism

In the U.S., we always hear about the so called ‘obesity epidemic’ and how fat people are to blame for being a strain on the economy. Julie Guthman challenges the short-sighted Western attitude of “it’s your fault that you’re fat”, the quick ‘fixes’ for weight-loss, and how our society thinks about fatness. She explores our industrialized food system that is making us fat and why telling obese people to eat ‘local’ or ‘organic’ is problematic due to the racial and class inequalities it perpetrates. This book explores our economic system and how we are living in a political economy of bulimia—one that promotes consumption while also insisting upon thinness. Guthman also discusses the critical role of environmental toxins that have largely been ignored by the public health community and shows that obesity is much more of a political-economic outcome than it is of someone simply overeating.

You can read some of the first few pages here 

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